A TL Sectional garage door.

The Different Types of Garage Doors

Choosing the right garage doors for your home may seem relatively straightforward - and it can be. But there are more options than you may have realised. Of course, you can shortcut things a little by simply asking us for our recommendations - but you may be interested in knowing a little more about the types of garage doors out there. In that case, this article is for you. Prepare yourself for a deep dive into the surprisingly varied world of garage doors as we run you through your options.

Up and Over Garage Doors

Chances are, you’re familiar with up and over garage doors. As the name implies, these doors open upwards, running on a vertical track with hinges that swing the door upwards when it’s open. The door itself moves as a single piece, pivoting “up and over.”

They’re among the most affordable choices, and this makes them one of the most popular types of garage door in the UK. However, they are also among the least secure garage door designs and they’ll need adequate overhead clearance space both inside and outside the garage.

Roller Garage Doors

Roller garage doors are a familiar sight. As you may have guessed, they’re the type of garage door that rolls up when opened. They don’t need much overhead space, and there’s no need for extra room in front of or behind the door.

They're usually made of aluminium and part of the downside is the noise they make when in operation. We’re also inclined to say that while they can be reasonably secure if fitted with good locks, they aren’t the most attractive of options, and they may be rather high-maintenance too.

Round the Corner Garage Doors

Once again, the name is fairly self-explanatory. The hinged door panels slide on tracks at the top and bottom of the door and are able to flex so that they slide around the corner into your garage.

In our opinion, there are more downsides than upsides to this type of garage door. They’re quite maintenance intensive, since the rollers and tracks will need regular attention, they’ll take up space inside your garage, and they can be noisy - especially when they’re in need of maintenance.

Sectional Garage Doors

Instead of consisting of a single, rigid panel, sectional garage doors are made from several panels connected together with hinges. This means that your door can bend or fold when you open it.

Options include R40 and TL sectional garage doors, which have excellent insulating properties. They’re not only nice to have on chilly mornings - they also contribute to the energy efficiency of your home.

Apart from this, they use space efficiently, and are among the most secure types of garage doors. High-quality variants may offer extra safety features like finger protection and anti-pinching panels.

Side Hinged Garage Doors

It’s what you’d expect from doors in general. They swing open on hinges attached to the side of the doors. Although this might sound very simplistic, side hinged garage doors can be made to fit just about any opening. They are also among the most customisable options since the panels can be placed vertically, horizontally or at an angle.

From a security perspective, side-hinged doors can be very secure - provided they’re made from sturdy materials and are equipped with good locking mechanisms. In addition, well-installed side-hinged doors should be relatively low maintenance.

Sliding and Folding Garage Doors

You don’t need a lot of space on either side of your garage doors if you choose a side sliding option. The panels simply fold into place as the door opens. From an aesthetic perspective, sliding garage doors can be very attractive, and like side-hinged doors, there’s room for customisation and a classic appearance.

On the other hand, this can be a costlier option, and the doors should be made and installed with careful attention to their security features.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Garage Doors

Some of the things to keep in mind when choosing garage doors are purely practical, but since garage doors are such large features, often facing the street, aesthetics have a big role to play.

Factors to bear in mind include, cost, available space (both width and height), the size of the door opening, the opening width you require, maintenance requirements, thermal insulation, and of course, security.

Finally, looks do matter, and here, architectural style has a role to play. For example, if you live in a modern home, sleek, modern design will contribute to the overall impression. Classic homes and historical buildings, on the other hand, require designs that will harmonise with the old-world feel of the property.

How Stronghold Security Doors Can Help You

What’s the best type of garage door for you? Every home is different, and homeowners have personal tastes of their own. If you’re looking for garage doors that will offer you security, functionality, and a wide variety of finishes to choose between, we have what you need.

But, there’s more. We’re ready to customise our doors to suit you. If your home is your pride and joy, and you want garage doors that harmonise with its architecture, your home will meet its match with our customised solutions. Find out more about what our secure garage doors could mean to you by getting in touch. It’s the first step towards finding the perfect garage door for your home.