Bullet & Blast Proof

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Bullet & Blast Proof

On the new ballistics test rig, test samples are shot at using various projectiles from different angles and distances of up to 25 m. If the result is positive in terms of the standard, this results in classification into one of the bullet resistance classes FB1 to FB7.

They apply to all bullet-resistant units which can be constructed with Schuco bullet proof windows, door and façade systems. This ensures that when a shot is fired, the projectile does not penetrate the interior, nor does the material or glass splinter on the inside of the test specimen. Schüco performs a preliminary test that conforms to standards in conjunction with its own ballistics tests. To do this, the bullet speed must also be accurately measured. For a full metal jacket spitzer bullet, this is up to 810 m/s, which is almost three times the speed of sound.

Tests conform to DIN EN 1522, Feb. 99 / 1523, Feb. 99. If the result complies with the test standard, the official test is carried out at the ballistics office in Ulm. There is a new test rig for pendulum impact and burglar resistance tests.

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