Product Details

Wood and aluminum - a pair that complements each other perfectly. High weather resistance combined with attractive appearance are the triumph of the CONNEX window.

Materials / surface

Cover shell aluminum anodized quality or for powder coating

Frame, corner and butt joints are mechanically connected (pressed)

Wood quality acc. FFF Q-Signet

Window types / opening types

Turn-only, tilt-turn, tilt, forend window

pivoting wing

fixed glazing

Lifting sliding doors as well as front doors


Electronic monitoring

Concealed or attached fittings

Two-color inside / outside

Automated opening options

Integrated ventilation with heat recovery

Special technical features

Special shapes and radii up to 250 mm

Overall depths 64/74/84 mm (glass thicknesses up to 60 mm)

Flush both inside and out

Glazing from the outside and inside

Threshold glazed sliding doors

Test certificates

Q-Signet FFF (CH-conformity)

Uw 0.78 to 1.3 W / m 2 K

Airborne sound insulation up to 42 dB

Watertightness 9A (max E 1050)

Air permeability class 4

Resistance to wind load B3 / C3

Minergie precertification