CONNEX Cito (from May 2018)

Product Details

The ideal supplement to the proven full version CONNEX cube. The system, which is suitable for perforated windows, features narrow frame profiles and an elegant profile view.

Materials / surface

Cover shell made of anodized aluminum or powder coated

Wood quality in accordance with FFF Q-Signet

Window types / opening types

Turn-only, tilt-turn, tilt, forend window

fixed glazing

Special technical features

Connection solutions standardized according to SIA 271

Glazing from the outside for big heavy glasses without visible glazing bar inside

Pre-glazed glazing gasket

Barrier-free solution can be combined with windows or fixed glazing in the same element

Removable to wooden or dividing windows in different variants

Same accessories as CONNEX cube

Test certificates

Watertightness class 9A

Resistance to wind load C3 / C4

Air permeability class 4