Janisol Windows

Product Details

The slender profile views of the Janisol windows create space for creativity and give the building a very special character. Whether it is a rung variant, arched window or large-area glazing: the Janisol window system has its strengths both in new construction and in the renovation of existing buildings.

Materials / surface

Steel plain or galvanized steel, suitable for powder coating or stove enamelling

Window types / opening types

Single and double leaf windows, with and without side panels or skylight

Turning, tilting, tilting, folding and cuff windows 

pivoting wing

fixed glazing


Concealed or overlying fittings

Integrated or mounted electric drives

Special technical features

Construction depth 60/64 mm

Special geometries (round arch, trapezoidal windows, etc.)

Structural glazing wing as special solution

Sash weight up to 180 kg

Test certificates

CE marking according to product standard EN 14351-1

  • Watertightness class 8A
  • Air permeability up to class 4
  • Resistance to wind load up to class C4
  • Airborne sound insulation up to Rw 45 db
  • Thermal transmittance Uw> 1.3 W / m2K

Coupling system according to EN 14024

Burglar resistance according to EN 1627 to RC (WK) 3

Bullet resistance up to 6