Janisol Lift-Sliding Door

Product Details

The tried-and-tested Janisol lift-and-slide door program, which was redeveloped for large openings, merges interior and exterior space, creating a unique, open living ambience.

Materials / surface

Steel profiles made of galvanized steel strip

Insulators made of glass fiber reinforced plastic

Threshold profile made of glass fiber reinforced plastic

Powder coating or wet paint

Element types

Manual lifting sliders

1-, 2- or 4-winged

Slider division type A, C, D, F and K

Different field sizes possible


Fittings up to 400 kg / wing

Special solution up to 600 kg / wing

Sliding leaf width up to 4'270 mm (CE up to 3'310 mm)

Wing height up to 3'200 mm

Motorized as special solution

Special technical features

Construction depth sliding and fixed wing 80 mm

Overall depth of frame 185 mm

Filling elements 25 - 57 mm

View wide wing 85 mm

Full width wing with frame 113.5 mm

Test certificates

CE marking according to product standard EN 14351-1

  • Watertightness class 6A
  • Air permeability up to class 4
  • Resistance to wind load up to class C2 / B2
  • Airborne sound insulation up to Rw 39 db

Coupling system according to EN 14024