Janisol 2 Fire Protection Sliding Door

Product Details

Successfully tested in accordance with EN fire protection guidelines, the door profile system guarantees the highest level of safety even under extreme conditions and, thanks to the large selection of drive motors and glass types, provides versatile design options.

Materials / surface

Bright or hot-dip galvanized steel strip, suitable for powder coating or stove enamelling  

Element types

Single and double leaf doors, with or without fixed side panels or skylight

With or without integrated escape door

With break-out or break-in function  


Very slim views, numerous types of glass and panels

Large selection of drive motors

Integrated door closers, screw-on or weld-on hinges

EN 1125: Panic push rod, panic bar handle

EN 179: panic trigger

Various security and monitoring options  

Special technical features

Installation in solid construction wall and solid construction wall with low density (aerated concrete)

Door sizes without integrated escape door: 1400x2500 resp. 2800x2500

Door sizes with integrated escape door: 1250x2500 resp. 2400x2500  

Installation in El30, El60, El90 partition

Element sizes: height up to 4040mm, width 5900 (sometimes to endless)

Test certificates

Tested to EN 1634-1

Fire resistance class EI30

Escape door according to EN 1125 / EN 179

Swiss fire safety approvals