VISS Fire TV Facade

Product Details

If it may be less. With a sealing height of only 6.8 mm, very delicate and flowing transitions can be realized in the interior view - without sacrificing safety. Elegance and simplicity are not forgotten.

Materials / surface

Bright or hot-dip galvanized steel strip, suitable for powder coating or stove enamelling


VISS system profile

Design profiles (Linea)

construction types

Post post and beam assembly

Mullion-post mounting

Welding and / or plug-in construction


use doors

Special technical features

View width 50 mm

Construction depths 50 - 140 mm

Filler thickness 5 - 70 mm

Test certificates

Tested to EN 1364

Fire protection classes E30 / E60

Fire protection classes EI30 / EI60 / EI90


Product standard curtain wall according to EN 13830

Clamp connection AbZ Z-14.4-465

Post-tie connection AbZ Z-14.4-467

Swiss fire safety approvals