VISS SG Facade

Product Details

All-glass facades that efficiently and simply implement the themes of aesthetics, transparency and energy-efficient construction.

Materials / surface

Bright or hot-dip galvanized steel strip, suitable for powder coating or stove enamelling


VISS system profiles

Design Profiles (Linea, Delta, Personal Profiles)

construction types

Installation of double and triple insulating glass, included in the ETA and TRAV

Roof glazings from 7º to 90º tilt

Segmented glazing - concave and convex

Welding and / or plug-in construction

Post post and beam assembly

Mullion-post mounting


Structural glazing

Glass surfaces up to 2.5 x 5.0 m - additional dimensions can be realized for specific objects

Insert windows and service doors are to be clarified object-related

Special technical features

View width 50 and 60 mm

Construction depths 50 - 250 mm

Filling element thickness 30 - 70 mm


ETA 13/0015 European Technical Approval

Thermal transmittance Uf> 1.3 W / m2K

Watertightness up to class RE1200

Air permeability up to class AE

Resistance to wind load up to class 2 kN / m2

Shock resistance up to class E5 / I5

TRAV tested positive (technical rules for fall-resistant glazing)