VISS Basic Facade

Product Details

The carrier-independent facade construction VISS Basic offers great design freedom in the area of ​​the supporting structure on the room side.

Materials / surface

Bright steel, suitable for hot dip galvanizing, powder coating or stove enamelling

Stainless steel in combination with VISS Basic and VISS Ixtra


VISS Basic: commercially available hollow profiles, IPE carriers etc.

VISS Ixtra: custom-made, laser-welded, sharp-edged profiles

construction types

Post mullion-Monday

Mullion-post mounting

Welding and / or plug-in construction

Segment glazing concave and convex


Combination of VISS Basic, VISS Ixtra girders and VISS system profiles

Highly heat-insulated with HI insulation profile

Structural glazing

Simple sun protection connection

Insert windows and insert doors

Special technical features

View width from 50 mm

Construction depth according to static requirements

Filler thickness 6 - 70 mm

Test certificates

CE mark according to EN 13830

  • Thermal transmittance Uf> 0.95 W / m2K
  • Watertightness Class RE1200
  • Air permeability class AE
  • Resistance to wind load class 2 kN / m2
  • Shock resistance class E5 / I5