Standard Security Doors

Standard Security Doors

Our standard security doors are designed for internal conditions. These are lightweight high-security doors designed to withstand a burglary attempt where a silent attack is used.

The standard security doors range not only provides good security but also protects from fire, has good sound & heat insulation and the doors are very durable. Our words are backed by many certificates that we get due to our constant security testing & innovation. Choose from the variety of our laminate choices to get a beautiful and durable solution for your home or office. Other type of materials and variations in door design are available on request. Contact us for a bespoke solution.

Standard Security Doors are secure against

  • Lock picking
  • Lock bumping
  • Cylinder snapping
  • Cylinder drilling

Standard Security Doors key features

  • 80mm profile frame
  • 1,5mm thickness galvanized steel
  • 41 dB sound insulation
  • 200,000 cycles hinge durability test
  • Class 5 or Class 7 security locks
  • Fire rating (FD30)

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