Premium Security Doors

Premium Security Doors

Our premium door range was designed for the external conditions. These steel security doors are immune to harsh weather conditions, have premium sound and heat insulation qualities and will keep the draught out. This door range was designed to withstand a burglary attack where the methods used to gain a forced entry have little or no regard for noise.

Choose from our vast range of materials, colours and designs to create your perfect and secure front door. If you live in a conservation area we can replicate your existing door giving it a new face and making it modern and secure, but keeping the same beautiful historical look. If you have seen something really nice somewhere and would like to get a similar door for your own home, then all we need is a drawing or a photo and we will do our best to reproduce the desired design.

Premium Security Doors are secure against

  • Sledge hammers
  • Crowbars
  • Drilling tools
  • Axes
  • Light duty power tools
  • Cutting tools

Premium Security Doors key features

  • 100mm profile frame
  • 1,5mm thickness galvanized steel
  • 43 dB sound insulation
  • 200,000 cycles hinge durability test
  • Class 5 or class 7 security locks
  • Fire rating (FD45)

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