R40 Sectional

Standard Security Doors

R40 Sectional

R40 garage door model track system comes fully preassembled with tension springs, cables and accessories. The door with R40 type hardware is very easy and fast to fit. Durable and reliable system – fit and forget.
Certified according to EN 13241-1 technical specifications

Safety features according to EN 13241
Doors are tested and meet CE norm 89/107/EC.
Ball bearing rollers, safe track system, reinforced frame with finger protection, anti-pinching panels – outside and inside.

R40 Sectional Garage doors are secure against

  • Crowbar
  • Ramming
  • Sledge hammer

R40 Sectional Garage doors key features

  • Ball bearing rollers
  • Safe track system
  • Reinforced frame with finger protection
  • Anti-pinching panels - outside and inside
  • Max opening: 7,000 mm wide x 8,000 mm high
  • Min required room: 80 mm high x 75 mm wide
  • Spring lifetime: 15,000 cycles

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