Bullet & Blast Proof

Bullet & Blast Proof

Bullet & Blast Proof

Stronghold Security Doors manufacture a range of the bullet & blast proof steel doors that prevents bullets from penetrating through. Application areas include, e.g., safe rooms in airports and train stations, police stations, banks, court buildings, police cells in large arenas, but also private buildings which demand a high-level of security.

Our range covers doors & windows to stop bullets penetrating through the unit using handguns, rifles, shotguns and even machine guns. Engineered to highest standard and precision our products has elegant look, but in the same time functional and versatile.

Glass we use is same specification as a door structure itself, so you can have peace of mind when ordering glazed bullet proof doors from us.

Bullet & Blast Proof are secure against

  • Heavy duty power tools
  • Cutting & Drilling
  • Ramming
  • BR4 (Handguns)
  • BR5 (Rifles)
  • BR6 (Shotguns)
  • BR7, BR8 (Machine guns)

Bullet & Blast Proof key features

  • 115mm - 150mm profile frame
  • 3 mm thickness galvanised steel
  • 10mm - 30mm front steel shield
  • Internal secret filling
  • 45db sound insulation
  • 200,000 cycles hinge durability
  • Class 7 security locks
  • Fire rating up to (FD 90)