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It is our attention to detail that completes the design process and transforms a simple piece of metal and wood into a work of art.

wood milling CNC

CNC wood milling

With a world class CNC milling machine from HOMAG, we are able to greatly expand the capabilities, performance and output of our production, all whilst maintaining our rigorous standards. It also allows us to maximise efficiency, reliability and fulfill any bespoke design or order that our customer’s request. An industry-leading range of processing areas accommodate all standard sheet sizes and an endless catalogue of CNC machine options available today. Our expert knowledge allows us to perfect the production details and offer advice on the best materials for your project.

steel sheet processing CNC

CNC steel sheet processing

With manufacturing and computer technology developing rapidly, CNC machines can punch anything from simple shapes such as circles or squares to more challenging geometric designs. All this can be done in a fraction of the time from the pre CNC era, offering huge savings to you the customer and reducing lead times of our production dramatically. Using our Prima Power punching machine, we can accommodate a host of projects once the design is approved. With the aid of CNC technology, punched components are produced within minutes. Our CAD Design Engineers onsite will use their years of experience to determine the best punch press option for your project and associated costs.

bespoke joinery

Bespoke joinery

Our skilled team of joiners and panel preparing team will ensure that every commission and item of joinery is made with precision and care. We use a variety of materials as Medite Tricoya, Okoume Wood, and solid or engineered plank woods . We also can also procure the specialist services offered throughout our established network of collaborative partnerships which include metal workers, stone masons and upholsterers.

press brake CNC

CNC press brake

Our computer numerically controlled (CNC) bending is a sheet metal folding process that is carried out by CNC press brakes. These machines can bend sheet metal from just a few mm in length to sections many metres long on the largest industrial machines. At our factory we are able to CNC fold up to 3m long door profiles and bespoke components . CNC punching and CNC bending are the backbone of our manufacturing process, coupled with MIG welding. This combination allows the construction of virtually any project.

hand preparation

Hand preparation

The start of the spraying process begins with preparation. Before any items enter the spray booth the MDF materials are carefully hand sanded by our dedicated and skilled preparation team. An orbital sander is used for edge work and flat surfaces which allows us to sand and prime components in optimal and consistent conditions, ready for painting.

hand welding with MIG

Hand welding with MIG

An MIG welded carcass serves as the main skeleton of our door and provides the base to attach our bespoke panel work. The ability to weld together various grades of advanced steels into a single component improves performance, safety, reduces unnecessary weight, and helps reduce overall production costs. Our highly qualified welding team welcome the challenge of working on your bespoke project and are proud to have fabricated thousands of bespoke and secure opening solutions for our valued clients.

spray paint

Spray paint

At Security Doors Factory Ltd. we have worked long and hard to establish ourselves as one of the leading spray painting facilities in UK. Spray painting is one of the most complicated things to perfect in the wooden or cladded door making industry. Our high end finishes require a dust free, temperature and humidity controlled environment and can only be carried out on site in our state of the art workshop. We hand-spray all of our doors in any RAL or designer colour of your choice. We take great care during each and every stage, from surface preparation right through to drying and polishing. So you can be assured that your doors is truly bespoke and will meet your exact requirements. In our spray booth we use polyurethane paint for all MDF and plywood. Polyurethane paint is used for both priming and top coating and is a great protective layer for painted external doors as it cures and leaves an extremely hard wearing finish. Polyurethane is also more moisture resistant and can be used on vertical surfaces for doors, windows and other areas of humidity. High gloss finishes are also easier to achieve with polyurethane.

powder coating

Powder coating

Powder coating all of our metal door parts offers several advantages over conventional liquid coating methods. For example, we use zinc primers that prolong the application and lifespan of even our most specialised finishes in even the most harshest of conditions; such as coastal locations or those subject to harsh weather conditions. We have access to over 500 different powders and can also provide a number of finishes including metallic, textured, antique, matt, satin and gloss. We can powder coat items up to 3 metres in length, 2.5 metres in height and 2 meters in width - with our factory not restricted by a project’s weight.



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We ensure that our customers receive our products in immaculate condition, suitably packed and protected whilst in transit. Our final assembly team will assemble and package products to suit customer requirements. Special packaging, labelling and delivery arrangements can be accommodated on request. A combination of our own delivery vehicles, national and international courier service as well as an established network of freight carriers enables us to deliver quality products on time, to anywhere in the UK and worldwide.