TL Sectional Garage Doors

TL Sectional Garage Doors Are Secure Against

  • Crowbar
  • Sledge hammer
  • Ramming

THIS TL track system, which features torsion springs, affords perfect counter-balance for a sectional garage door of any width or height. In order to meet challenging installation conditions, we now manufacture LHR-FM and LHR-RM hardware models. We can also offer you +SR track types which can be fitted under the slope roof. TL track system with torsion springs provides a perfect counterbalance for a sectional door of any size. All track types available including +PR tracks for door installation under the pitched roof.
Certified according to EN 13241-1 technical specifications


TL Sectional Garage Doors Key Features

  • Ball bearing rollers
  • Safe track system
  • Reinforced frame with finger protection
  • Anti-pinching panels - outside and inside
  • Max opening: 6,000 mm wide x 3,000 mm high
  • Min required room: 90 mm high x 90 mm wide
  • Spring lifetime: 20,000 cycles