SHD Side Hinged Garage Doors

SHD Side Hinged Garage Doors Are Secure Against

  • Crowbar
  • Sledge hammer
  • Ramming

OUR side-hinged premium garage doors are ideal as they are tailor-made, and with a new-look modern design with numerous options such as wicket door, windows, glazed panels and a pet flap. Your doors can be chosen from a range of panel designs and colors and are compatible with most electric operators.

The panels can be placed horizontally, vertically or obliquely. The door split can be 50/50, or in any reasonable proportion. Your doors will be custom-built with the color, the placing of windows and leaf partition. You can ask for additional options if you wish..


SHD Side Hinged Garage Doors Key Features

  • up to 3 m wide (larger on request)
  • up to 2.4 m high (larger on request)
  • 3-point lock
  • Double skinned
  • Insulated