Schüco Folding Doors

Schüco Folding Doors Are Secure Against

  • Burglary (optional)
  • Fires (optional)
  • Bullets (optional)

THE flexibility of aluminium, easy to form and shape, is the ideal material for elegant multi-leaf folding/sliding systems doors. It easily allows for robust insulated and non-insulated profiles and in production systems which enable precision-fit components.

These inherent qualities lead to enhanced energysaving weather tightness and a high level of sound insulation. And it comes with a diverse range of surface finishes.

Aluminium’s qualities are ideal in ensuring all folding/sliding constructions  are smooth and easily handled – and this makes them ultra-suitable for both the homes and commercial sector use.

Schuco Folding Door Downloads


Schüco Folding Doors Key Features

  • Wide range of colours
  • High level of security and stability
  • Range of designs and shapes
  • Minimum space required
  • Smooth operation for opening & closing
  • High sound and thermal insulation
  • Schüco world of systems capability
  • For maximum comfort & convenience sliding systems fitted with e-slide as an additional option