Bespoke “Pirnar” Doors

Bespoke “Pirnar” Doors Are Secure Against

  • Lock picking
  • Lock bumping
  • Cylinder snapping
  • Cylinder drilling

pirnarLogo2016MWhat is Pirnar entrance?

It is a symbol of your home. It is strength, solidity, and care. Warmth, kindness, and desire for beauty. It is the entrance that impresses your guests. It protects against the uninvited with care. Saves the warmth of your home. Awakes admiration of your home. It is a technological masterpiece you will touch proudly every day. Pirnar entrance tells you who you are.

Pirnar is an entrance that draws sighs of admiration

No other entrance is trimmed with such innovative forms. They seize the attention with their different surface levels as well as with their astonishingly clean and perfect smoothness. Every handle is a masterpiece of its own, at night arousing more sighs of admiration as it lights up. The fourfold glazing offers the possibility for endless play with patterns and textures.

This is an entrance that exudes self-confidence

The extraordinary 14-centimetre thick door panel gives the feeling of castle-like protection and safety. The door panel, because of its thickness and special construction, is exceptionally rigid and firm. This is enhanced by a combination of the thickest profiles by the company Schüco, the masterfully perfect and precise hand work, and an innovative way of constructing the elements. Here, Pirnar doors simply have no competition. All the doors can be built for the anti-burglary protection class RC2 (WK2).


Bespoke “Pirnar” Doors Key Features

  • Up to 0,54 U value
  • up to 5 layer glazing
  • Quadruple sealing
  • Custom made