Security Doors Locks

ISEO R6 Plus

Euro Cylinder

R6 System is particularly suitable where increased security is required. The use of stainless steel pins gives added durability. The R6 is an 6 pin flat key system with Anti-Drill protection in the cylinder body. The use of a 3mm flat key gives greater strength and durability than traditional cylinder keys. Special key profile frustrates the use of picking and a notched cylinder plug allows the easier introduction of the key.

FIAM 678

Multipoint Lock

Main 3-point lock for security doors complete with a strike. Massive body, 4 bolts. Reversible latch. The silence of work and high burglary resistance of that lock is due to his patented gear mechanism. Also available with anti-snap mechanical block system – if the protector and locking cylinder is broken the lock blocked automatically and cannot be opened without destruction.

Mottura 85783

Multipoint Lock

Armored cylinder lock. Original champions cylinder with hardened metal protection "defender". Unique patented MOTTURA security system, resistant to drilling, acid and cutting. A mixture of nickel-silver keys are extremely resistant to wear, all internal components of the cylinder are covered with a coating which is resistant to environmental effects; Special ergonomic key head 5 patented keys with an identification card; 3 directional locking 7 locking points, 7th security class, Made in Italy; Warranty 3 years.


Motorised Multipoint Lock

The most reliable and effective electronic multi-point lock on the world market. In case of emergency, it always can be opened with mechanical key or thumb-turn from inside, can be equipped with the tag reader, keypad, radio control, interface card, fingerprint or even iris scanner. 3 direction locking, 6 locking points (can be increased on demand), 7th security class.
Made in Italy, Warranty 3 years.

Mottura Safety Chain

Safety Component

MOTTURA Safety chain (opening limiter) 96.254/I. Special designed Italian latch chain which can withstand a force of 760kg/1675lbs. Allows to open the door without losing the security and it is very useful in higher burglar activities areas.

Electric Strike

Door Access Component

An electric strike is an access control device. It is fixed to the door frame and powered by electric current. It allows a user to open the door without operating the mechanical lock and key Mainly used in communal entrance doors. An SDC electric strike enables the electrical release of a locked mechanical latch or bolt. Compatible with any access control, SDC electric door strikes are available in a variety of configurations to accommodate several types of mechanical locksets and door and frame styles.