Security Doors Factory

Amada 2510NT

Punching Machine

Amada’s new AE-NT series machines give fabricators the opportunity to affordably take advantage of the many newer processing capabilities available in punching — along with the additional benefits of a machine that is both environmentally-friendly and costs significantly less to operate and maintain than some older technologies.


Bending Machine

With more than 125,000 press brakes and 1,500 bending cells installed AMADA are at the forefront of press brake innovation and product development. The patented lower beam design and large working envelope of the HFE give the user great flexibility whilst a newly designed control panel and energy saving drive improve efficiency and profitability.

Welding Facilities


Welding is a very important process of manufacturing chain in our factory. All welding is done by human hands because all doors we manufacture are bespoke and made to measure.

Weeke Vantage 43M

CNC Machine

The Vantage series covers complete processing such as drilling, routing and sawing as well as grooving of work pieces in a single clamping step and remains flexible expandable due to our modular system.
We have a range of standard door carving designs and also have possibilities to carve 3D milling, so bespoke door designs are not an issue for us.

Spray Painting & Powder Coating


Our on-site facilities of spray painting and powder coating give us a possibility to be independent of any supplier. Trained and professional work force works round the clock in our new factory. All production has its own time-line and always gets done on time.

Assembly Line


At this point all door components get's fitted to steel door structure. Assembly is last a process of manufacturing, doors get packed and stored for delivery to our clients.