Other Components & Biometrics

E Key

Biometric Finger Print Reader

It is biometric lock control device that scans fingerprints. Up to 99 fingerprints can be programmed, can be connected to electrical FIAM, Abloy, ASSA, Cisa, Mottura locks. Made in Austria, Warranty - 2 years.

Europe’s finest fingerprint access solution, up to 99 different fingerprints can be stored, control panel mounted within the secure area, no computer is necessary for programming, convenient and easy to use even for children.

Drop Down Seal

Door Component

This type of drop down seal is used in our doors, where standard stainless steel threshold is not. It seals bottom gap of the door and floor once the door is fully closed and raises up one door is opened.

Mottura Additional Bolts

Door Component

Made by Mottura, additional bolts unit is used with manual or motorized locks to achieve even greater security level for steel security doors. Also, is used in the doors with drop down seal, to secure bottom part of the door.

Dorma ITS 96 (Concealed Door Closer)

Door Component

Concealed slide channel door closer with cam-action technology. The DORMA ITS 96 door closer is designed for concealed installation in the door leaf and frame. Suitable for almost every type of door, it offers a wide variety of functions and flexibility combined with a high level of quality. An unblemished appearance of prestige doors thanks to concealed installation. Cam Action mechanism ensures low opening forces, enabling ease of use. Universally suitable for single or double doors.

Geze TS2000V (Shoulder Type Door Closer)

Door Component

With the TS 2000 V overhead door closer with variable closing force in accordance with DIN EN 1154 in sizes 2, 4 and 5, the closing speed can conveniently be set from the front. The stopper setting is made using the arm. Door closer TS 2000 V with link arm for doors with up to 1250 mm leaf widths. Closing force variable EN 2/4/5 by using offset mounting. End stop adjusted using the arm, closing speed can also be adjusted. Can be used for right and left swing doors without conversion. Optional: Hold-open range 70°-150° (via the hold-open arm). Optional: Hydraulic end stop set from the front and fixed set opening buffer (GEZE TS 2000 V BC)