Our Technology

Security Technology for your Home

Stronghold Security Doors are using a number of cutting-edge technologies in the manufacturing and installation of security doors for residential and commercial properties.

Below is a list for some of the technologies we are using to protect our customer’s homes and offices. Contact us for more information and a bespoke quote.

mul t lock2

Multipoint lock

Lock for armored door 3 point locking, without strike. The lock has a unique patented security system – block while trying to break or remove the protection.
Application: A heavy duty multipoint lock for armored doors.
Operation: Operated by Euro profile cylinder, When lock is closed, latch can not be withdrawn using the handle
Features: 3-point lock, Gear-based mechanism, Latch functionality, Right- or left-hand installation

fiam - 678

Fiam 678

Main 3-point lock for security doors complete with a strike. Massive body, 4 bolts. Reversible latch. The silence of work and high burglary resistance of that lock is due to his patented gear mechanism. Also available with anti-snap mechanical block system – if the protector and locking cylinder is broken the lock blocked automatically and cannot be opened without destruction.

mottura 85783Mottura 85783

Armored cylinder lock
Original CHAMPIONS cylinder with hardened metal protection DEFENDER
Unique patented MOTTURA security system
Resistant to drilling, acid and cutting
Mixture of nickel-silver keys are extremely resistant to wear
All internal components of the cylinder are covered with coating which is resistance to environmental effects; Special ergonomic key head 5 patented keys with identification card; 3 direction locking 7 locking points, 7th security class,Made in Italy; Warranty 3 years

Mottura additional bolts

Made by Mottura, additional bolts unit is used with manual or motorized locks to achieve even greater security level for steel security doors. Also, is used in the doors with drop down seal, to secure bottom part of the door.

Drop down seal

This type of drop down seal is used in our doors, where standard stainless steel threshold is not. It seals bottom gap of the door and floor once door is fully closed and raises up one door is oppened.



The most reliable and effective electronic multi-point lock on the world market
In case of emergency it always can be opened with mechanical key or thumb-turn from inside
Can be equipped with tag reader, keypad, radio control, interface card, fingerprint or even iris scanner
3 direction locking
6 locking points (can be increased on demand)
7th security class
Made in Italy
Warranty 3 years

safety chain

Safety chain

MOTTURA Safety chain (opening limiter) 96.254/I
Special designed Italian latch chain which can withstand force of 760kg/1675lbs
Allows to open door without losing the security

mul t lock


The 3 IN 1 cylinder has been designed by Mul T Lock to allow
users to easily change their key combinations through a simple
and speedy process:
The user inserts and operates the next key in a sequence of
three keys and the introduction of each new key invalidates the
previous key combination.
When all three combinations have been used, the cylinder may
be re-keyed by an authorized Mul T Lock locksmith.
The 3 IN 1 cylinder may be ordered with three separate
duplicating cards for the green, yellow and red keys.

electrike strike

Electric strike

An electric strike is an access control device
It is fixed to the door frame and powered by electric current
Allows a user to open the door without operating the mechanical lock and key Mainly used in communal entrance doors

Electric Strikes
An SDC electric strike enables the electrical release of a locked mechanical latch or bolt. Compatible with any access control, SDC electric door strikes are available in a variety of configurations to accommodate several types of mechanical locksets and door and frame styles.


Geze TS2000V (shoulder type door closer)

With the TS 2000 V overhead door closer with variable closing force in accordance with DIN EN 1154 in sizes 2, 4 and 5, the closing speed can conveniently be set from the front. The stopper setting is made using the arm. Door closer TS 2000 V with link arm for doors with up to 1250 mm leaf widths. Closing force variable EN 2/4/5 by using offset mounting. End stop adjusted using the arm, closing speed can also be adjusted. Can be used for right and left swing doors without conversion. Optional: Hold-open range 70°-150° (via the hold-open arm). Optional: Hydraulic end stop set from the front and fixed set opening buffer (GEZE TS 2000 V BC)

img_1891DORMA ITS 96 DOOR CLOSER (concealed)

Concealed slide channel door closer with cam-action technology. The DORMA ITS 96 door closer is designed for concealed installation in the door leaf and frame. Suitable for almost every type of door, it offers a wide variety of functions and flexibility combined with a high level of quality. Unblemished appearance of prestige doors thanks to concealed installation. Cam Action mechanism ensures low opening forces, enabling ease of use. Universally suitable for single or double doors.

e key

E key

It is biometric lock control device that scans a fingerprint. Up to 99 fingerprints can be programmed. Can be connected to electrical FIAM, Abloy, ASSA, Cisa, Mottura locks. Made in Austria, Warranty – 2 years

Europe’s finest fingerprint access solution
Up to 99 different fingerprints can be stored
Control panel mounted within the secure area
No computer is necessary for programming
Convenient and easy to use even for children

What is biometrics? (press, to read more)

State of art machinery used to manufacture our doors


AMADA 2510NT punching machine

Amada’s new AE-NT series machines give fabricators the opportunity to affordably take advantage of the many newer processing capabilities available in punching — along with the additional benefits of a machine that is both environmentally-friendly and costs significantly less to operate and maintain than some older technologies.


AMADA HFE bending machine

With more than 125,000 press brakes and 1,500 bending cells installed AMADA are at the forefront of press brake innovation and product development. The patented lower beam design and large working envelope of the HFE give the user great flexibility whilst a newly designed control panel and energy saving drive improve efficiency and profitability.


Welding facilities

Welding is a very important process of manufacturing chain in our factory. All welding is done by human hands because all doors we manufacture are bespoke and made to measure.


WEEKE vantage 43M

The Vantage series covers complete processing such as drilling, routing and sawing as well as grooving of work pieces in a single clamping step and remains flexibly expandable due to our modular system.

We have range of standard door carving designs and also have possibilities to carve 3D milling, so bespoke door designs are not an issue for us.


SATURNO paint mixing technologies

We mix paint ourselves on site. Any RAL colour ready in minutes  for spraying door boards or powder coating steel structure. We are not dependent on any paint suppliers, so lead time for finished product is very short. RAL colours achieved same all the time.


Spray painting & powder coating

Our on-site facilities of spray painting and powder coating gives us a possibility to be independent of any supplier. Trained and professional work force works round the clock in our new factory. All production has its own time-line and always gets done on time.


Assembly line

At this point all door components get’s fitted to steel door structure. Assembly is last a process of manufacturing, doors get packed and stored for delivery to our clients.