Facts About Burglary In The UK


Being the victim of a burglary robs you of much more than possessions. It also has a high emotional impact that takes away your identity, your confidence and your peace of mind.

Home is the place where you should feel at your safest and most secure. Unfortunately, it’s that very feeling of security that can lead some into complacency when it comes to protecting their property.


  • According to the most recent survey, burglary is the top crime concern for people in the UK.
  • Last year in this country, a house was burgled every 37 seconds. That’s 781,866 reported crimes in one year. However, as it’s estimated that about 20% go unreported, the true figure is likely to be much higher.
  • With ¾ of the crimes going unsolved, the chances of any of your property being recovered are very low. The average cost for replacing your stolen possessions and repairing the damage caused is £1730.
  • Most of the time, a burglary is unplanned and opportunistic. If a criminal notices your home has no obviously visible security measures, you are five times more likely to be targeted. Burglars want an easy life as much as the rest of us, and a property with prominent alarms, formidable looking window locks and a secure front door usually causes them to move on to an easier option.
  • The front door is by far the most common way for a burglar to gain entry, either by kicking it in or forcing the lock. Yet incredibly, three out of every ten burglaries in 2015 occurred when the thief entered through an unlocked door or window.
  • Latest figures from insurance providers report that 64% of people admitted to leaving their doors and windows unlocked when they leave the house.
  • A further 29% said they kept a spare key somewhere outside – for example, under doormats or flowerpots.

Burglaries can be devastating, both financially and emotionally. Make sure you always lock doors and windows when you leave and keep your home and your possessions safe and protected.