Benefits Of High Security Doors In London


London tops the UK in many things. It plays host to the country’s best theatre, the most exclusive shopping, the finest restaurants and the grandest architecture. It draws the best and the brightest from all over the world and is a power player on the global financial markets.
Unfortunately, in much the same way as big fish attract sharks, London is also the hardest hit area when it comes to burglaries.
Out of the top 20 hot spots for home burglaries last year, 16 were in the capital. The leafy suburb of Dulwich, former home of Margaret Thatcher, was worst affected. Westminster, Islington and North Kensington were also highly targeted. In the City, there were 169 break-ins per square kilometre, both residential and commercial.
Clearly, criminals are enticed by the busy, highly affluent parts of the city where the potential rewards are greatest, strangers often go unnoticed and it’s relatively simple to make a quick getaway. Most burglaries, even in these wealthy areas, are opportunistic and criminals are always on the lookout for the softest targets.
Space has always been at a premium in the capital, meaning many properties have front doors that open directly on to the street. By far the most common point of entry for burglars, it is vital to fit the strongest, most secure door possible.
Much of the property in London dates back several hundred years and is preserved under listed status, meaning strict rules regarding the outward appearance of the building. The latest high security doors can now be built to any specified design, even replicating the existing door, but with the innovative internal construction that safeguards against almost any form of attack.
Defending against intruders is the number one concern for homeowners across the UK, and fitting a secure front door is the most important step.